Our Method and Research Avenues Are Built On a Desire to Understand the Global Economic Landscape and How It Relates to Security Prices.

Portfolio Theory

  • Start with a quantitative analysis of various asset classes.
  • Seek to understand how asset classes combine to lower risk.
  • Give attention to asset behavior under various economic conditions.
  • Consider the law of diminishing returns as it relates to diversification.

Global Thesis & Macro Trends

  • Understand that Creative Intelligence gathering
    leads to proprietary insights.
  • Actively seek out contrary view points to thesis.
  • Understand human psychology and behavioral finance.
  • Embrace a contrarian bias when appropriate.

Express Thesis with Security Selection

  • Screen securities.
  • Always understand valuation.
  • Continue to monitor the herd mentality.
  • Use volatility as positive.

Tactical Vigilance

  • Adjust approach when trends or valuations change.
  • Maintain intellectual honesty as data comes in.
  • Lower risk by avoiding obvious losses.
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of portfolio composition.

To understand the current complicated world, you must have a broad and open mind. This requires cultivating an awareness of various trends, cultures, people, and beliefs.